sub-zero ice skate

Mega Bangna

Coach Ying Oraya Nissaihan

( Teach at branch Mega Bangna , Kraerai )

Coach Profile

  • Age 38 years
  • 18 years of playing experience
  • 8 year teaching experience
  • Participated in Disney on Ice Skate 2004 (2nd place)
  • Participated in Skate Thailand 2005 (silver medal)
  • Skate Asia 2005 (gold medal)
  • participated in Skate Singapore 2007 (Silver medal)
  • 2002-Present Send athletes to compete in ISI programs both domestically and internationally,
  • 2014-present. Send athletes to join the Thailand Championship and national youth sports
  • Send athletes to participate in the Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge and Asian Figure Skating Trophy
  • Awarded Best Coach in Skate Malaysia 2014 Competition
  • Awarded Outstanding Trainer in Figure Ice Skating category from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in the National Youth Sports Program Chumphon Ranong Games
  • Trained and tested in Figure Ice Skating teaching techniques (ISI, ISU)

Price Rate

  • 1,500 / 1 Hr Week Day & Week End
  • 15,000 / 10 Hrs Week Day & Week End