sub-zero ice skate club


Cool Member great value


Cool Member Sub Zero membership card
Sold at a price of 200 baht.
(First time applying for a card Customers must show their ID card. to enter customer information in the system)

Conditions of the Cool Member card

  • Cardholders receive a discount for ice skating 100 baht per time (from the normal price) 30 times (reserved for the cardholder only).
  • The card can be used only at the branch applied for.
  • This card can be used to receive a 5% discount on food and beverages (from normal price) only at Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club.
  • The card is valid for 1 year from the date of application.
  • If the card is damaged or lost, the company reserves the right to refrain from issuing a new card.
  • This card belongs to Major Bowl Group Company Limited. The company reserves the right to cancel the card or change the conditions without prior notice.

Apply for Member Card

ice skating special price

details :

Type Price Card validity Note
5 times 1,400 3 months Limited to no more than 3 times/day
10 times 2,700 6 months Limited to no more than 3 times/day

Note: For the general public