sub-zero ice skate

Mega Bangna

Coach Chalee Wicha Nitsaihan

( Teach at branch Mega Bangna , Kraerai )

Coach Profile

  • Figure  type
  • WD 1700/WE 1700
  • 30 years of ice skating experience/20 years of teaching experience
  • First place in the 1991 Mali Speed Cup
  • 2004 Taipei Skating Championships (Gold Medal)
  • 2008 Malaysia Asian Skating Championships (Gold Medal)
  • Since 2000, athletes have been dispatched to participate in ISI and ISU domestic and international competitions.
  • Since 2005, athletes have been sent to the Thai Championships and the National Youth Games.
  • Best Coach Award of Thailand Digital Skating and Speed skating Association in 2015
  • Training and exams on digital skating techniques (ISI, ISU)
  • Thai Digital Skating Association FSAT Level 1-7
  • Dispatch athletes to participate in high-level testing (ISI 7-9 levels)