Promotion Sub-Zero Birthday On Ice 

starts September 1, ’16 onwards

Package 1 Price 5,400.- For 5-7 people (including birthday person)< /p>

Package 2 < /b>price 7,500.- For 8-10 people (including birthday)

Package 3 < /b>Price 11,000.- For 11-15 persons (including birthday holder)

Package 4 < /b>Price 14,900.- For 15-20 people ( including the birthday person)

Package 5 < /b>Price  21,900.- For 25-30 people (including birthday person< /b>)


  • Every package, birthday present, ice skating for free, ice skating for 2 hours including shoes, get birthday gift, pillow blanket, 1 piece of cake
  • Friends and colleagues can Ice skating for free  2 hours including shoes, but not more than the number of people in each package
  • with food-beverage coupon worth 200 baht/person (can redeem food and beverage according to the price in the menu)

Note :

  • In the event that food and beverage orders are less than 200 baht, they cannot be converted into cash. But if you order food and beverages over 200 baht, you can add the difference.
  • Yes, the owner of the birthday presents his ID Card to the employee and can The privilege can be used within the month of birth. only